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Site structure

Each website starts with a home page at the top of the structure. As you add pages immediately beneath the home page, these become your top-level sections – the ‘tabs’ in the local navigation menu:

Local navigation menu

Note: As you add, move or delete pages, SiteBuilder automatically updates the navigation menu according to your site structure. It's not possible to add your own menu tabs that link to pages you specify.

You can add pages below to form new sections. It can help to think of the structure as a tree diagram:

Example website structure

We refer to relationships in the page hierarchy with familial terms:

  • parent – the page immediately above the current page
  • grandparent – the page two levels above the current page
  • child – a page immediately beneath the current page
  • grandchild – a page two levels below the current page
  • sibling – a page at the same level as the current page

It's a good idea to plan the structure for your site before you start to build it. For advice, see our guide to making good websites. Generally, approximately six major sections is a sensible number for top-level navigation.

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