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How do I identify missing pages people attempt to visit?

Use the Stats tab in SiteBuilder to see if people are attempting to visit pages or files which do not exist. Visitors may have mistyped a URL (web address) in their browser, bookmarked a page that has since moved to a new location or followed a broken link.
  1. Browse to your home page.
  2. Go to Edit > View page statistics. A summary of statistics for the last seven days is shown on the Stats tab:

    Stats tab in SiteBuilder

  3. Select the period you wish to view statistics for using the From and To date pickers (up to a maximum of 180 days).
  4. Leave the radio button This page and sub-pages selected. The Stats tab shows information for the current page and all sub-pages by default.
  5. Select the Show statistics button.
  6. Expand the section headed Missing pages to see URLs of pages (and files) people have attempted to visit but which do not exist:

    Missing pages list

  7. Select the link See more missing pages to view the full list.
  8. To view more information on how people are arriving at a non-existent page or file, select the link in the Missing pages section. The Referrer for this page window appears:

    Referrer to missing page

  9. The Referrer can be:
    • a URL the visitor typed in their browser
    • an out of date bookmark in the visitor's browser
    • a broken link on your site
    • a broken link on another site
    Use this information to fix any broken links on your site, add forwarding pages to redirect visitors to the new correct location or inform the owner of an external site that their link is out of date.

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