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Example 1: Custom Search

We want to make a sitebuilder page which allows us to

  • Search for all video files under /newsandevents
  • For each file, show a player with a preview image, and an indication of the video run time
  • Also, show the title of the containing page, and the first 20 words of the video's description, along with a link to open that page in a new tab
  • Also, if the user is an editor of the file, show a link allowing them to edit the properties (description, tags, etc) of the video, and allow them to edit the description of the video in the page.
News and Events content
Step 1: Search for all video files under /newsandevents
Step 2: Show video player for first 10 results
Step 3: Show extra data for each video
Step 4: Edit video description in-page