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Insurer: Zurich

Policy Number: NHE-02CA75-0013-52

Policy Dates: 1 August 2023 to 31 July 2024

Excess: £2,000 Accidental Damage, Fire, Theft and Windscreen - payable by the department

In order for vehicles to be insured, notification must be made to insuranceservices at warwick dot ac dot uk if they are being used by the University for a continuous period of 14 days or more

What to do in the event of an Accident

All drivers should promptly, in no less than 5 working days, report the accident directly to Zurich on 0800 916 8872 quoting policy number NHE-02CA75-0013-52, even if there is no damage to our vehicle. Failure to report an accident in a timely manner may result in the insurer not dealing with a claim. You must then email the Zurich claim reference number to together with the registration number, photos of the damage and the name of the hire company (e.g Enterprise, Midhire, Northgate) if the vehicle has been hired from them. Further guidance on reporting claims can be found in this document Zurich Motor Claims Accident InformationLink opens in a new window

Should an accident occur on no account should liability be admitted. If blame is admitted this could invalidate the University of Warwick Motor Insurance Policy.

Any third party correspondence should be forwarded unacknowledged to the University's Insurance Office immediately.

Any summons, notice of proceeding or prosecution, inquest or fatal injury must be forwarded to the University's Insurance Office.

The driver should notify their private motor insurer, if any, of the accident in order for their policy not to be invalidated.

Vehicle Repairs

If the vehicle is owned/leased by the University then contact the garage below who are the Insurer and University approved repairer in order for an estimate and repairs to be carried out:

Steer Group - Unit 11 Albion Industrial Estate, Endermere Road, Coventry, CV6 5PY

Phone: 02476664260 Email:

The £2,000 excess is payable directly to the vehicle repairer by the department.

As soon as a date has been agreed to repair the vehicle please raise a purchase order for £2,000 for the repairs/excess and let the repairer know the purchase order number to ensure that the vehicle can be returned after repair in a timely manner. If the repair cost is below £2,000 (inclusive of VAT) then adjust the purchase order accordingly. The maximum payable to the repairer is £2,000 and this should not include any VAT.

Courtesy cars may be available from the repairer but cannot be guaranteed.

If hired from a hire company (e.g Enterprise, Midhire, Northgate), then contact the hirer to organise repairs if they are contractually obliged to repair the vehicle. Please note it is important that this is actioned quickly to prevent excessive additional hire charges.

Uninsured Loss

Please note that hire companies may make a charge for the loss of use in the event of an accident involving one of their vehicles. This is an uninsured loss under any policy.

The cost of the excess and any uninsured loss is payable by the department hiring the vehicle.

Use of Motor Vehicles

The policy provides Comprehensive cover for motor vehicles owned, hired, leased or loaned to the University.

The use of the vehicle(s) allowed by the policy is as follows:

  • For the Business of the University of Warwick only

Coaches are not covered; departments must take out separate insurance with the hire company.

Vehicle insurance premium cost is payable by departments.

  • Use for racing competitions trials or rallies (other than road safety rallies and treasure hunts)
  • Use for racing pacemaking reliability trial or speed testing
  • Use for hire or reward
  • Use for carriage of passengers for hire and reward
  • Use while drawing a greater number of trailers in all than is permitted by law
Authorised Drivers

The person(s) permitted to drive the vehicle(s) are as follows:

  • be a Warwick employee or student
  • hold a full UK or EU equivalent licence (any DD,DR, INS offences/penalties or accumulation of penalty points in excess of 3 points to be referred to Insurance Office)
  • not have been disqualified from driving
  • completed the Authorised Driver Registration Form (see below link) opens in a new window

Departments must ensure that individuals are suitably qualified to drive and must obtain a copy of the driving licence of anyone intending to drive a vehicle owned or hired by the University (a provisional licence is not acceptable). Driving licences should be examined at least once every 12 months. This can now be done by seeking the drivers permission to examine the drivers licence on the DVLA website.

Please note there are additional requirements and restrictions for driving a minibus.

Employees privately-owned vehicles

The policy does not provide cover for the use of privately-owned vehicles on University business. Staff using their own vehicles on University business must ensure that their own private motor insurance covers them for occasional business use and has a valid MOT certificate (if applicable). It is important to note that work-related travel includes using your personal vehicle to travel from one part of campus to another (for instance travelling from Gibbet Hill to Main Campus), as well as travel to off-campus destinations.


If you are carrying a passenger then this must be done in line with any University procedures and Government Guidelines at the time.

Breakdown Cover

The policy does not provide Breakdown cover. It is the responsibility of Departments to arrange Breakdown cover.

Driving Overseas

You will need to obtain a letter of authority from the vehicle owner to take the vehicle outside the UK.

The UK has now left the European Union. If you intend to drive outside the UK please email with details of your travel arrangements at least 14 days in advance in order for a Green Card to be obtained if appropriate.

For any queries please contact: Insurance Services