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Analytical Capability Guide

Analytical Capability Guide

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The Warwick Analytical Capability Guide is a comprehensive current catalogue of available instrumentation and techniques at the University of Warwick, made available through Warwick Scientific Services.
Each entry outlines the capability of a given technique in which we have expertise and an indication of who can access the facilities.
The availability of each instrument fits a number of categories.

1) You are an expert and/or know what analysis is needed - list of measurement techniques or the A-Z Glossary
2) You have some knowledge/want to assess different methods - result or information required.
3) Not sure where to start? Try the sample type.
4) Alternatively, head to Warwick Scientific Services

With over 20 000 items of analysis equipment, the University of Warwick can measure almost any property of any material. The Guide details some of our areas of expertise, what equipment and techniques are currently available, examples of where the techniques are applied, how they can be used to solve problems and advance knowledge of why materials/samples behave as they do.
Read more about The Guide.

Not all equipment is available for external use, but by highlighting the various options we hope to provide a suitable solution. Some of our analysis techniques are fully supported by expert staff, providing the level of support you require. In other cases, you may be able to use the equipment if you have the expertise.
In cases where our equipment is currently being used, the awareness of what we are doing may also help you find solutions to your own problems.
The services offered include academic consultancy, contract or collaborative research, staff training and staff exchanges.

For more information about using Warwick's instrumentation capabilities for your material challenges, contact: Dr Ian Hancox, Head of Warwick Scientific Services Tel: 024 76 150 577 Email

Case Study 1

FTICR Mass Spectrometry

See a case study (PDF Document) of how FTICR mass spectrometry at Warwick has been used in the study of water samples from the Athabasca region of Canada.

Case Study 2

Science city project

See a case study (Powerpoint Presentation) of how the Science City project solves problems using the Warwick analysis base. See more case studies from the Science City Research Alliance

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