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Vehicle Energy Facility (VEF)

The Vehicle Energy Facility is a new state-of-the-art hybrid Powertrain research facility providing un-rivalled capabilities and flexibility for the testing and characterisation of hybrid powertrains, components and control systems using dynamometers. The Vehicle Energy Facility supports research on hybrid architectures, as well as conventional and pure electric vehicle powertrains. It has been purpose-built to be used for the whole spectrum of vehicle types from passenger car through to heavy duty applications.

cogsHow does it work?

A dynamometer is a tool used to measure the amount of power being generated by an engine. Newton’s 2nd law states that force is equal to mass times acceleration. This means that the amount of force can be calculated by finding the weight of an object being moved and then multiplying that by the rate at which it is accelerated. With this number it is then possible to calculate how much work is being done and then how much power is being generated. These equations are integral to all dynamometers and make it possible for engine power to be measured.


Architecture testing; component testing and characterisation; control strategy development and refinement; fuel economy and emissions testing; electric motor testing and characterisation; electrical energy storage testing and characterisation; optimised (downsized) engines for hybrids; Real world performance of special bio-fuels; optimised energy management for HEVS; determination of the effects of driver behaviour on hybrid and conventional vehicles over a wide range of drive cycles; plug-in HEV leading to V2G research; determination of local emissions in conjunction with CO2 emissions for different control strategies.

Sample handling requirements:

Complete (or in special cases, partial) working powertrain.

Complementary techniques:


Warwick Capability:

570kW Dynamometer (high dynamic drive); 320kW Dynamometer.


Claire Gerard: c dot gerard at warwick dot ac dot uk / 07385 145064

Typical results format, and sample:

Dynamometer Power-Torque Curve Output

green_tick.gif Warwick collect/analyse data
green_tick.gif Warwick collect data
 green_tick.gif Available to user with expertise/ contribution
 green_tick.gif Spare capacity for collaborative research