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Security List

What is the Security List?

The Security List is a report which shows all evening and weekend bookings in term time and all bookings in vacation time and is used by staff in Security, Portering, Cleaning and Heating Services to inform which rooms are locked/unlocked cleaned/heated, etc. These staff should access/print/distribute this report on the Friday, for the forthcoming week, or they can check it as required online, as it is constantly updated.

All centrally timetabled rooms should be opened, cleaned and ready for teaching at 9.00 am in term time. The standard teaching day in term time is:

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9.00 am - 7.00 pm. Wednesdays and Fridays 9.00 am - 6.00 pm.

Centrally timetabled rooms should be locked after these hours unless there are room bookings on the Security List.

To access the security list report
  • For Academic Year 2014/15 go to Timetable Reports 2014/15
  • Log in using your ITServices login and password
  • From the left hand links select "Security"
  • The security list defaults to automatically show the current week and all days, so if you select a zone, ie Main Site, then click on 'View Timetable' this will produce a report showing all bookings for the current week. It can be customised to select specific weeks. To do this, for example to create the Security List for the following week, select the week from the 'Select week range' box, then click 'View Timetable'. To print, go to Tools (Alt+X), then Print. You can also select more than one zone by holding the control key down and selecting more than one (this feature is available on all drop down selections on all reports). There is an added feature now for the Security List report as you can select in the type of report option as either Security List or Grid Timetable.
  • As advised above, this report should be printed (and distributed to the relevant staff if necessary) or checked online every week. To ensure you have the complete list of evening and weekend bookings for the following week, we would recommend printing the Security List on the Friday for the following week (Mon-Sun) or check online as required.
To access individual room timetables

Once logged in, as explained above, you will have also been given access to individual room timetables so you can check who is booked in to the teaching rooms. To access these go to the Timetable Reports and select 'Locations'.

NB. The security list and room timetable reports are restricted access due to the sensitivity of the data, thefts, etc.