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Space Utilisation

Principles of space management

  • Space is a resource to be allocated sparingly in a manner which best advances University strategic priorities and while supporting our sustainability goals
  • As activities shrink and grow, space utilisation will be evaluated in the context of quantitative and functional considerations and reassigned in collaboration with departments and other stakeholders
  • Decisions relating to assignment and reassignment of space are approved by the Capital, Space and Amenities GroupLink opens in a new window.

Key points

Office space

Where practical office space should be shared, 6m2 per person is generally sufficient. Under hybrid and flexible working arrangements an agile activity-based office environment can support greater efficiency and effectiveness. Where a single occupancy office is required this should be no more than 12m2.

Postgraduate research student work areas

Postgraduate research students should share work spaces at a ratio of 2 work spaces for every 3 students. Each work space should take up no more than 4m2 of space.

Meeting rooms

When determining the capacity of a meeting room, you should allow 2m2 per person.

Assignment of space within departments

Space Management will calculate each department's space allocation based on the space norms. However, the Head of Department has control over how this space is prioritised and assigned to activities within the department.