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Student Feedback

A word cloud of feedback about the workshops. Fun, interesting and engaging are the top responses.
"Honestly so brilliant! Thank you! Best training of this topic I’ve ever had!!"

"The activities were unexpected and unique compared to other similar workshops I've done in the past. Thank you!"

"I thought it was one of the most engaging and interesting workshops I have attended, with a good balance of presented information and being able to give concepts a go!"
"It’s so good that I’ll do it again."

"The workshop was really engaging and inspired me to learn more about my culture as well as other cultures."

Three students looking at a whiteboard together
Two students, sat side by side, smiling at each other.

"This was incredible - honestly the best workshop I have ever attended. I had so much fun and made some great notes. I definitely came away with some new points of view/ways of thinking, which is surely the whole point."