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Programme Structure Intercultural Awareness Multicultural Teams Intercultural Communication Intercultural Competence

The programme includes a number of 90-minute workshops on the topics of Intercultural Awareness, Intercultural Teamwork and Intercultural Competence, as well as a workshop in which you will play two Intercultural Games.

In addition there in an online course about Intercultural Communication hosted on the e-learning platform 'Moodle', which can be completed independently.

Icon of a light bulbIntercultural Awareness Workshop

This 90-minute interactive workshop gives an introduction to the concepts involved in, and influences on intercultural communication. Through a range of discussions, and interactive activities you will begin to explore your own cultural attitudes, as well as reflect on your own experiences.

Icon of a light bulbIntercultural Games Workshop

This fun and engaging workshop involves playing two intercultural simulation games designed to test and expand your intercultural skills.

Teamwork logoWorking in Multicultural Teams Workshop

This 90-minute interactive workshop will engage you in reflective discussions and a simulation teamwork activity and help you explore attitudes and behaviours involved in working in a multicultural team.

Icon of 3 heads linked in a triangle formationIntercultural Communication - Online Course (Moodle)

The interactive course is split into 4 parts: Intercultural Sensitivity, Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Relationships and Intercultural Reflections. It aims to help you build on your understanding of culture, explore expectations about studying and working across cultures, and develop your analytical skills. This is achieved through lots of activities, examples, and videos with fellow students recounting their own intercultural experiences at Warwick and beyond.

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Icon of 2 jigsaw pieces inside a person's headIntercultural Competence Workshop

This 90-minute workshop is an opportunity to reflect on how your comfort zones may have changed in light of your intercultural experiences, and consider how you can harness this in the world of work. You will explore the nature of intercultural competence, and practise articulating the skills you have developed in an interview setting.