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Visitors and non-staff workers

External business staff

Employees of businesses who are based on site but not involved in teaching or the direct operation of University systems may still need cards to access a building or car park. These cards don't give automatic access to the Library or Sports Centre, but you can add paid-for services such as a car park permit.

Third-party contract staff

Where the University operates contracts for services that would otherwise be performed by University staff (computer maintenance, telephones, etc.), staff on site are typically treated on the same basis as full-time University staff.

Other related categories of non-staff posts are covered by the departments described below.

Senate and Council members

As a member of the Senate or Council, you will need to access both the Warwick website and certain restricted areas. The University Executive Office is your trustee at Warwick; they will arrange the details for you. 

Visiting academic

If you are contributing to the learning and teaching of Warwick students, or are involved in research at the invitation of an academic department, but are not actually paid by the University you may be considered as a ‘visiting academic’. You will usually be offered similar status to academic staff. Human Resources are your trustee at the University. Your supporting department can apply for your membership.

Carer of disabled students

As a community service volunteer, or indeed as any other form of carer for a student with a registered disability, you will usually be offered the same privileges as an undergraduate student. Please contact Disability Services in the first instance.

Spouses of resident staff

If you are the partner of a member of pastoral staff and live on campus, you are eligible for a University card on the same basis as your partner. Your trustee is the Card Office (University House) but your application needs to be supported by the pastoral team. So, we suggest you contact the Senior Warden at the Student Support Office (University House) or via email to seniorwarden at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Students' Union

If you are a member of Students' Union staff or a current sabbatical officer, you are entitled to a University card. Your trustee is the Students’ Union. In the first instance, please contact the Staff Office in the Students' Union for advice.

Other types of membership are available to cover less frequently used categories. If you are unsure if you are eligible, or have any questions, please contact the Card Office directly:

Tel: +44 (0)24 7615 0411
Email: cardoffice at warwick dot ac dot uk


Current University members can request and sponsor a card for external business or third-party contract staff with this application form: