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Heads of Department Update 17 December

All (but specifically HoDs)

Sorry – there will be a few bits and pieces that I need to share on email before the start of the Christmas vacation, so apologies if it feels like I am bombarding you. This one deals with the issue of possible staff Covid cases over the Christmas break. We have had very few staff cases overall and even fewer in academic departments, so the chance of further cases over Christmas is low, but I wanted to let you know what we would do to address any reported cases.

HR will continue to run reports from Success Factors over the Christmas closure period to identify newly reported positive cases. University T&T will continue to trace (but not test) over the period too.

The normal process when a positive case is reported is that the HR Manager/HR Business Partner contacts the Head of Department who can then follow up (if they weren’t already aware of the positive case). We normally ask the Head to check how the individual is and also ask them to remind the individual about completing a trace form if they had a test off campus.

The proposal for managing this process over Christmas is that HR seeks to contact the HoD initially by text to alert them of an email sent to their Warwick account with details of a staff case. This would allow you to liaise with the member of staff as necessary (but it means you do not have to check email routinely given that everyone really does need as much of a break as possible).

It’s very, very unlikely that you will be contacted because the probability of new cases is very low. In discussion with HR, we thought that you would prefer to have the option to contact your staff member directly. But, if you feel you need to have a complete break, HR are happy to liaise directly with your staff member – please just let me know and I will arrange that.

And, sorry, one thing that I have to ask you to do – can you ensure that your mobile number is on Success Factors – just in case. I suspect it is for most of you.

(And have asked that HR also let me know about any cases in academic departments, so if one of your staff members is affected, I’ll be aware and can help if there is anything you need).



Professor Christine Ennew OBE