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The role of the Vice-Chancellor


Leading Warwick means guiding one of the institutions that leads the world. An institution that nurtures its students towards achieving great things.

That’s the main responsibility of Stuart Croft, Warwick’s Vice-Chancellor and President. With the efforts of more than 5,500 employees, and the close support of his University Executive Office, Stuart provides the strategic direction for maintaining our reputation in teaching and research excellence.

More than 27,000 students, from across the globe, join University staff in forming the Warwick community. Collectively, this community generates £0.5bn turnover annually and was recently estimated in our Regional Impact Study, published in 2013, to have benefitted the local economy by an equally impressive total. Such figures make Warwick an influential partner for regional, national, and international development and sustainability. As Vice-Chancellor, Stuart is tasked with fostering those existing partnerships and forging new ones – within industry and within government, and at home and overseas.

In developing those relationships, Stuart will engage with an extensive selection of local, regional and national audiences. He’ll speak publicly on a range of issues, and listen to the thoughts and concerns of individuals and industries. He’ll reach out to communities both here and abroad, raising awareness of our University’s impact and international credentials.

Stuart’s role also involves crucial regulatory responsibilities. He’s our ‘designated officer’ which means he must ensure we comply with Funding Council requirements. He’s also a member of all the University’s decision-making committees, and chairs the Senate which is Warwick’s principal academic body.

Looking Forward: The University Strategy

Looking Forward, our University Strategy, shapes how we plan for Warwick’s future. Stuart’s job, as Vice-Chancellor, is to drive the University towards achieving the strategy’s objectives. It’ll also be to redefine those objectives to ensure Warwick keeps thriving against increasingly fierce competition.

There are many ways in which Warwick is successfully extending its reach and reputation. Looking Forward goes beyond this. It plans for how we can achieve a scale that places us towards the top of the global universities lists. It also ensures students, and the quality of the teaching and research they are exposed to, remains paramount in all that we do.

Contact Stuart

PA: Gemma Wild
Tel: 024 765 74951
Email: vcpa at warwick dot ac dot uk