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Heads of Department Update 30 July


Here’s my latest update which I hope will be helpful – it’s a brief update this week and dominantly for information rather than action. Can I alert you to the fact that I will take a few day’s leave next week. I will monitor email but responses may be a bit slower than normal.

Enhanced Campus B&B offer for staff

Staff B&B is usually £65 inc VAT per night and only bookable less than 48 hours in advance of the booking. Warwick Conferences have revised this offer in recognition that with the current circumstances, they will have more capacity and there may be more staff who would prefer to stay on campus. The new arrangements are:

  • Reduce staff B&B to £50 inc VAT per night bookable at any time.
  • Add a further discount to £37.50 inc VAT per night if the booking is for 4 consecutive nights. Mon-Thurs is then only £150. (this is in line with local Airbnb)

These rates will run from September to the end of December.

These can be bookable via the Warwick Conference web B&B page. The offer is now live on the link below:

Salary Arrangements

Just a quick reminder that we have agreed to suspend (for this year), Merit Pay, SPRR and standard recognition schemes I haven’t had an update on the annual pay negotiations but the general expectation is that there will be no (or minimal) cost-of-living adjustment. The only exceptions to this would be any adjustments we need to make to ensure that we remain in line with the national living wage and any equality adjustments. Those individuals entitled to incremental progression should still receive that incremental progression.

Campus Capacity

Current work by timetabling suggests that approximately 82% of last year’s small group teaching in central rooms could be provided under a social distancing scenario. Associated work is also looking at the provision and availability of “dwell space” – space for students to use while on campus. Current estimates suggest approximately 34% of non-first years could be on campus each day in term 1. Therefore we should aim to provide 34% of our usual amount of dwell space as an absolute minimum. Our current covid-secure dwell capacity stands at 24% of our pre-covid capacity. There is a lot of work in progress to identify existing spaces that can be re-purposed for dwell space. We have a range of options available and we’re optimistic that we can provide enough additional spaces to take us to 38% of our pre-covid capacity which should cover modelled demand on current assumptions.

Information on safety and return to work

The “Stay Safe” pages were mentioned at Monday’s EWLF session as the single source of information around return to campus information. These pages are available at

I think they should be a useful resource both for yourselves and also for colleagues.

In addition, the attached might be useful – it’s something that will be posted around campus to explain the enhanced cleaning regimes we’re operating. If anyone needs to contact Campus Cleaning regarding their cleaning, they can email

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend when it finally gets here.



Professor Christine Ennew OBE