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Heads of Department Message 12 March


A quick reminder – with Covid-19, the University is currently following PHE and FCO guidelines in terms of our response to the current situation.

It’s really important that we follow a consistent approach across the University and that means that we need to avoid different local arrangements being put in place unless there are genuinely exceptional reasons for doing something different in a particular department. We do risk causing confusion and disruption if we’re giving different messages to staff and students in different departments.

As you can imagine, this is a very dynamic situation and we may soon find ourselves in a position in which we depart from this advice and take a stronger precautionary position. But that is not yet the position and so please can we stay with the FCO/PHE advice. Obviously it’s important to start thinking about options for possible changes in working and study arrangements, but please do not communicate or implement these at this point.

Communications will be available as soon as there are any changes, and these will advise you on next steps. Because the situation is so dynamic, these may be quite short notice

Please can I urge you to attend the Heads of Department Forum to be held on 19 March at 3pm in the Panorama Room, where the University’s next phase of planning will be discussed.

Many thanks


Professor Christine Ennew OBE