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Improving our services

Since the introduction of the Imprint Management Information System, we have been able to analyse, react to and improve on our service. This is to make sure you know you are getting the best when it comes to our products, delivery, and service. The system provides statistical data on the many aspects of our service and has resulted in significant improvement in our delivery.

Delivering on-time

We have been able to accurately identify and improve the total number of jobs delivered on time. We have set a new target of greater than 99% for our delivered on time statistic, which we are rapidly approaching.

Printing isone of our main servces

April 2022 - 332 jobs completed

98.8% of orders were delivered on time

98.8% were delivered on time

1,2% were marked as late deliveries.

37% of orders were completed in 2 days or less

37% were completed in 2 days or less

Completion time from initial enquiry to customer delivery, indicating typical job processing falls within a 48 hour window.

100% of orders were completed successfully

100% of jobs completed successfully

No job was printed in error, meaning a 0% error rate.