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Paul Dorfman - ePortfolio




Dr Paul Dorfman is Senior Research Fellow at the NHS Centre for Involvement at the University of Warwick, currently working on a project funded jointly by the Academy of Finland and the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health: Globalisation and Citizens in Health Care: Exploring the Role of Users, Choice and Markets in European Health Systems. Paul is also taking forward the Local Involvement Networks (LINks) in health and social care practice and research agendas. He has formerly engaged in a series of key UK and EU policy, scientific advisory, environmental radiation risk, and citizen-centred debates.

Paul has high-level experience on environmental risk and health policy matters, including: Rowntrees Research Fellow into Nuclear Aspects of the Energy Review Consultation Process, 2006-2008; Co-secretary to the UK government scientific advisory Committee Examining Radiation Risk from Internal Emitters (CERRIE); Advisor to the EU Policy Interpretation Network on Childhood Health in Europe (PINCHE); Core Team and Steering Group member to ‘SAFEGROUNDS’ (Safety and Environmental Guidance for the Remediation of Nuclear and Defence Sites); member of the ISOLUS (Interim Storage Of Laid-Up Submarines) Advisory Group (IAG) concerning the development and implementation of a solution for the dismantling of UK's defuelled nuclear powered submarines.


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