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Miria Koshy

I am a doctoral researcher in Warwick Business School. I began my PhD with the Information Systems Management (ISM) group. I later shifted to the International Centre for Governance and Public Management (IGPM), and more recently to the Organisational Behaviour and Industrial Relations (OBIR) group where I am currently.

My research project investigates some of the competing discourses surrounding electronic health records in the context of the recently re-configured National Programme for IT (NPfIT). I draw from information systems (IS) literature, particularly that on the concept of 'organising visions' (Swanson and Ramiller, 1997) to discuss the evolution of the NPfIT vision for a national care record system. I also draw from literature on professional identities and professional hybrids, as these are particularly relevant to my findings on the role of the community stakeholder groups in the organising vision of the NPfIT. This study has been funded by Warwick Business School, and I work under the supervision of Dr Jonathan Tritter and Dr Gerry McGivern.

My research interests include management information systems, healthcare management, professional identities, boundaries and hybrids.

Past experience and qualifications:

I did my B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering in National Institute of Technology, Calicut (NITC), India. Following this, I worked for two years as a software engineer in Infosys. I then did my MSc Information Systems and Management in WBS, and enrolled for the WBS Doctoral Programme soon after.


  • Seminar tutor for undergraduate courses in WBS. Modules include: Global Environment of Business, Global Integrative Project, Business in Social and Political Context, and Governance and the Social Environment of Business
  • Assistant for the SAP labs for MSc Information Systems and Management.


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  • Koshy, M.A., McGivern, G., and Tritter, J. (2013). The convergence of medical and technical expertise: The clinician-IT hybrid professional. EGOS 2013 (July 2013)
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  • Currie, W.L., Finnegan, D.J. and Koshy, M.A. (2011). 'Applying sense-making to integrated health IT: Renal care in the UK and Sweden', AMCIS, August 2011, Detroit, USA.

Miria Koshy

M dot A dot Koshy at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room D1.12, Social Sciences, University of Warwick