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ePortfolio: Postgraduate Researcher Directory

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Name Description Last Updated
Aditi Kibe The PhD ePortfolio of Aditi Kibe 19/07/18
Ahmed Mohammed Sarki The ePortfolio of Ahmed Sarki 21/07/13
Alexander Houston The PhD ePortfolio of Alexander Houston 01/11/18
Alexandra Kviat The PhD ePortfolio of Alexandra Kviat 30/10/18
Ally Lee 01/12/17
Amanda Poole The PhD ePortfolio of Amanda Poole 06/08/18
Andrea Martinez Vernon The ePortfolio of Andrea Martinez Vernon 13/10/15
Andy Chiu The PhD ePortfolio of Andy Chiu 14/07/21
Anjali Thomas The PhD ePortfolio of Anjali Thomas 15/07/19
Anni Jahn 02/03/16
Anthony Ruck The PhD ePortfolio of Anthony Ruck 28/02/19
Antoinette Schembri The PhD ePortfolio of Antoinette Schembri 04/07/19
Arianna Tassinari The ePortfolio of Arianna Tassinari 09/09/19
Audam Chhun ePortfolio of Audam Chhun 17/07/17
Aurore Lison The ePortfolio of Aurore Lison 18/04/18
Avri Bilovich The ePortfolio of Avri Bilovich 21/01/16
Ayten Alibaba A warm welcome to my e-portfolio! 12/06/19
Beckie Rutherford The PhD ePortfolio of Beckie Rutherford 23/06/21
Beth Richmond The PhD ePortfolio of Beth Richmond 28/06/20
Bhavini Patel The PhD ePortfolio of Bhavini Patel 27/06/19
Binoy Paulose Nadappuram The ePortfolio of Binoy Paulose Nadappuram 20/06/18
Bobby Tam The PhD ePortfolio of Bobby Tam 22/05/21
Carlo Avilio The ePortfolio of Carlo Avilio 09/05/17
Carmina Micelli The PhD ePortfolio of Carmina Micelli 23/07/19
Catherine Price The ePortfolio of Catherine Price 11/02/19
Chanuki Illushka Seresinhe PhD research page of Chanuki Seresinhe 07/10/19
Charlotte Rich The ePortfolio of Charlotte Rich 18/02/19
Chinedu Nwaigwe The ePortfolio of Chinedu Nwaigwe 26/01/15
Chris Bloomer I am a PhD student studying at the Warwick Diamond Science & Technology Centre. I am studying the use of single-crystal diamond as an X-ray detector. 01/04/20
Christian Møller-Olsen ePortfolio of Christian Møller-Olsen 01/06/20
Daire Carroll The PhD ePortfolio of Daire Carroll 31/10/19
Daniel Clayton The PhD ePortfolio of Daniel Clayton 22/05/20
Daniel Cooper PhD ePortfolio of Daniel Cooper 29/11/19
Daniel Robertshaw The PhD ePortfolio of Daniel Robertshaw 31/10/19
Daniel Wilson 11/02/20
Dize Dinckol The PhD ePortfolio of Dize Dinckol 27/02/20
Doreen Agyei The ePortfolio of Doreen (Dee) Agyei 29/09/15
Dr. John Richmond's PhD ePortfolio Dr. John Richmond's University of Warwick PhD ePortfolio 14/05/19
Dr Sara Miglietti The ePortfolio of Dr Sara Miglietti 30/05/15
Dr. Simone Brioni The ePortfolio of Dr. Simone Brioni 28/05/14
Ed Devane The PhD ePortfolio of Ed Devane 03/08/21
Eduardo Chávez Herrera The ePortfolio of Eduardo Chávez Herrera 02/01/21
Eleanor Lutman The ePortfolio of Eleanor Lutman 03/11/20
Eli Gemegah The PhD ePortfolio of Eli Gemegah 04/02/21
Elisabeth Wallmann The ePortfolio of Elisabeth Wallmann 04/12/17
Ellen, Yazhou He The ePortfolio of Ellen, Yazhou He 16/11/17
Emma Lones The PhD ePortfolio of Emma Lones 31/03/20
Eri Tsukamoto The PhD ePortfolio of Eri Tsukamoto 30/10/20
Esther Ogunniyi The ePortfolio of Esther Ogunniyi 05/09/18
Eugene Tay The PhD ePortfolio of Eugene Tay 13/04/20
Ewan Stephenson The PhD ePortfolio of Ewan Stephenson 14/01/21
Fırat Akova PhD Candidate in Philosophy at the University of Warwick, doing research on moral uncertainty and effective altruism. 23/07/18
Farah Elahi The PhD ePortfolio of Farah Elahi 05/08/20
Folarin Oyebolu The PhD ePortfolio of Folarin Oyebolu 03/03/19
Gary Kerridge The ePortfolio of Gary Kerridge 10/01/14
George Marchant The PhD ePortfolio of George Marchant 26/02/19
Giacomo Zanella The ePortfolio of Giacomo Zanella 30/11/15
Glen Guyver-Fletcher The PhD ePortfolio of Glen Guyver-Fletcher 06/06/19
Gongtai Wang The ePortfolio of Gongtai Wang 21/09/17
Hah Sixian The ePortfolio of Hah Sixian 22/07/19
Hannah Ayres The PhD ePortfolio of Hannah Ayres 22/07/21
Hannah Straw The PhD ePortfolio of Hannah Straw 01/02/19
Hassan Raza The PhD ePortfolio of Hassan Raza 04/06/19
Humeyra Guleryuz Erken The PhD ePortfolio of Humeyra Guleryuz Erken 04/08/19
Immaculate Motsi The ePortfolio of Immaculate Motsi 10/05/18
Jack Ho The PhD ePortfolio of Jack Ho 03/06/19
James Davies The MSc ePortfolio of James Davies 03/11/17
James Syrett The ePortfolio of James Syrett 10/06/14
Jane Sinnett-Smith The ePortfolio of Jane Sinnett-Smith 24/04/19
Jessica Fannon The PhD ePortfolio of Jessica Fannon 22/08/16
Jessica Finch The PhD ePortfolio of Jessica Finch 03/10/19
Jie Zhang The PhD ePortfolio of Jie Zhang 11/09/17
Jing Yuan The PhD ePortfolio of Jing Yuan 27/07/18
Johannes Beetz Johannes Beetz, doctoral researcher in Discourse Studies, materialist, Centre for Applied Linguistics at the University of Warwick 29/03/21
John Thomas The EdD ePortfolio of John Thomas 18/10/18
Kate Willman The ePortfolio of Kate Willman 23/08/16
Kathryn Hales The ePortfolio of Kathryn Hales 19/12/17
Kathryn Maskew The PhD ePortfolio of Kathryn Maskew 16/12/16
Konstantin Klemmer The PhD ePortfolio of Konstantin Klemmer 02/01/19
Krishane Patel The ePortfolio of Kris Patel 08/03/19
Kristina Humonen The PhD ePortfolio of Kristina Humonen 06/04/20
Kyoungmi Kim The ePortfolio of Kyoungmi Kim 15/01/18
Lauren Garbutt The PhD ePortfolio of Lauren Garbutt 06/08/18
Liam Lewis The ePortfolio of Liam Lewis 03/01/20
Liam Riley The PhD ePortfolio of Liam Riley 01/10/18
Liana-Beatrice Valerio The ePortfolio of Liana-Beatrice Valerio 16/02/21
Lisheng He The webpage of Lisheng He 29/09/15
Lorenzo Genito The ePortfolio of Lorenzo Genito 19/01/17
Louise Morgan The PhD ePortfolio of Louise Morgan 21/01/21
Louise Whatford The ePortfolio of Louise Whatford 11/12/18
Magdalena Karlikowska The PhD ePortfolio of Magdalena Karlikowska 11/08/17
Mandy Runyu Shi The PhD ePortfolio of Mandy Runyu Shi 16/03/18
Marcel Obst Marcel Obst, doctoral researcher in the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick 25/03/21
Marco Delise 17/11/16
Maria Inês Castro E Silva The PhD ePortfolio of Maria Inês Castro E Silva 28/04/20
Masauso Chirwa The ePortfolio of Masauso Chirwa 29/09/15
Mathew P. Robin The ePortfolio of Mathew P. Robin 08/10/16
Matt Harwood Matt Harwood, BBSRC-funded PhD Student Online Portfolio 01/10/20
Merryn Everitt The ePortfolio of Merryn Everitt 16/02/16
Mitchell Gould The PhD ePortfolio of Mitchell Gould 05/02/19