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Yuanwei Xu

PhD in Scientific Computing, University of Warwick

I graduated with my PhD in the Warwick Centre fro Scientific Computing in April 2016. My supervisor was Prof. Mark Rodger in CSC and chemistry. My PhD thesis can be found here. Previously, I obtained my MSc degree in Financial Mathematics and Computation with distinction at the University of Leicester (2011) and a BSc degree in Information and Computational Science at BTBU, China (2010).

PhD Research

Design, development and implementation of efficient Monte Carlo sampling methods with application to a simplified lattice membrane protein aggregation model.

  • Monte Carlo methods, simulation
  • Statistical machine learning
  • R for data science

Improved Estimation of Density of States for Monte Carlo Sampling via MBAR, Yuanwei Xu and P. Mark Rodger
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, DOI: 10.1021/acs.jctc.5b00189R

Yuanwei Xu

yuanwxu at warwickgrad dot net