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Chinedu Nwaigwe

Welcome to my research Web pages.

I am a PhD student at the Centre for Scientific Computing, working under the supervision of Dr Andreas Dedner at the University of Warwick, United Kingdom. I hold Barchelor's and Master's degrees in Mathematics(2003 and 2007 respectively), both from the Rivers State University of Science and technology in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I also obtained the DNIIT(2009-2012) in Software Engineering(Java Technologies) from NIIT, India.

In January 2014, I became an executive member(Webmaster) of the Warwick chapter of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics(SIAM).

About My Research:

My research is in the area of Numerical Methods for Geophysical fluid dynamics. In particular, I am researching on developing/designing and implementing well-balanced and high resolution numerical schemes for shallow water models, with a further goal of coupling it to ground water model.

These models are of particular importance due to their numerous applicability in both environmental and industrial processes. For example, they can be used to study several flow processes such as flooding, river flows, oil spills, tsunamis, flows of heterogeneous mixing, atmospheric flows, etc.

They fall into the class of partial differential equations that exhibit discontinuous solutions(such as shocks), so naive numerical schemes cannot be used to correctly approximate them. Also, applicable numerical schemes still face the problem of accurately satisfying some of the physics which the equations describe, for instance, steady state solutions, wet/dry fronts, effect of infiltration, etc. Hence, researchers are actively working on developing numerical methods to address these problems and host of related ones.

My research project is therefore, aimed at developing numerical scheme(s) that are capable of resolving discontinuities, satisfying flow equilibra and propagating fronts appropriately, as in the physics which these equations describe.

I am particularly interested in this research due to the numerous environmental challenges(oil spills, floods etc) my country(Nigeria) faces. It is my hope that my research will be applied to study some of these challenges we face at home.

After my PhD, I hope to continue to research in developing new numerical methods and computational tools for simulation of environmental flows and related phenomena.

My Research is funded by the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF), Nigeria.

Chinedu Nwaigwe

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