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Stephen Lovelady

I have now left the University

Please visit my LinkedIn page for latest work

Term 3 Office Hours

During Term 3 my office hours may vary somewhat from week to week. Typically, they will be on Wednesday, from 1-3pm, but these may be subject to change. I will confirm times for each week on this webpage

  • Week 1 - Wednesday 25th April 12-2pm
  • Week 2 - Wednesday 2nd May 11am-1pm
  • Week 3 - Wednesday 9th May 1-2pm and 5-6pm
  • Week 4 - Wednesday 16th May 11.30am - 1.30pm
  • Week 5 - Wednesday 23rd May 12-2pm
  • Week 6 - Wednesday 30th May 1-3pm
  • Week 8 - Monday 11th June 3-5pm
  • Weeks 9 and 10 - NO SCHEDULED OFFICE HOURS

Current Research

Experiential Regret Aversion

  • PhD (v2.0) (PDF Document)
  • DR@W Forum Presentation - A simple experiment on the effects of experienced regret and context (Powerpoint Presentation) (PDF Document)
  • EBF Presentation - (PDF Document)
  • PhD Upgrade Paper - (PDF Document) (Powerpoint Presentation)
  • Introductory Literature

Graham Loomes & Robert Sugden : Regret Theory: An Alternative Theory of Rational Choice Under Uncertainty

David Bell : Regret in Decision Making under Uncertainty

Marcel Zeelenberg & Jane Beattie : Consequences of Regret Aversion 2: Additional Evidence for Effects of Feedback on Decision Making

        Takashi Hayashi : Regret aversion and opportunity dependence

        Dan Gilbert, Carey Morewedge, Jane Risen & Timothy Wilson : Looking Forward to Looking Backward: The Misprediction of Regret

        Experimental Economics


        • Memory: Experiences of an Economist (PDF Document)

        Current Teaching


        EC204 - Economics 2

        Microeconomics taught by Stephen Lovelady in Term 1

        Macroeconomics taught by Paulo Santos Monteiro in Term 2

        EC109 - Microeconomics 1

        Taught by Anandi Mani in Term 1 and Weeks 1-5 in Term 2, and taught by Stephen Lovelady in Weeks 6-10 in Term 2

        Current Administration

        Department of Economics Admissions Officer

        Tanglin Trust School Presentation 10th July 2012 - (PDF Document)

        Department Open Day 7th May 2011 - (Powerpoint Presentation)

        Department Open Days in 2012 - (PDF Document)

        Department of Economics Overseas Strategy Officer

        Pre-Departure Briefing : Thailand (Powerpoint Presentation) : Malaysia (Powerpoint Presentation)

        Malaysia 2012 Presentations

        • Sunway College - Monday 16th July 2012 - (PDF Document)
        • HELP Academy - Tuesday 17th July 2012 - (PDF Document)
        • KDU College - Tuesday 17th July 2012 - (PDF Document)
        • Taylors - Wednesday 18th July 2012 - (PDF Document)


          Stephen Lovelady

          Department of Economics


          Curriculum Vitae


          Contact Me

          S dot Lovelady at warwick dot ac dot uk

          Office Hours

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          Daniel Sgroi

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