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Sean Mulcahy

Bachelor of Laws (Hons), Monash University
Bachelor of Performing Arts (Hons), Monash University

Thesis working title

Performing the Law

Research interests

Sean graduated with a Bachelor of Performing Arts (Hons) and Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from Monash University and is currently undertaking a joint PhD on law and theatre at Monash University and the University of Warwick.

His research interest is in law as performance. More specifically, his work examines the particular elements of legal performance – set, script, audience, sight and sound – across different international settings.

Sean also works as a freelance actor, director and theatre producer. He has performed in the Midsumma, Melbourne Fringe and Adelaide Fringe Festivals and at the Malthouse Theatre, Arts Centre and La Mama. He is a proud member of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance.


  • Oct 2019: 'Silence and attunement in legal performance' Canadian Journal of Law and Society, 34(2), 191-207
  • Sep 2018: Review: Masculinity and the Trials of Modern Fiction by Marco Wan Law and Humanities, 12(2), 313-318
  • Jun 2018: 'Dissents and Dispositions: Reflections on the Conference of the Law, Literature and Humanities Association of Australasia' Exchanges, 5(2), 132-140
  • May 2018: 'UK parliamentary inquiry turned verbatim musical: a theatre review' Alternative Law Journal, 43(1), 66-67
  • Dec 2017: Review: Spacing Law and Politics by Leif Dahlberg Law and Humanities, 11(2), 309-314 
  • Sep 2017: ‘Boy actors on the Shakespearean stage: subliminal or subversive’ Anglistik: International Journal of English Studies, 28(2), 87-111 
  • Apr 2017: ‘Acting Law | Law Acting: a conversation with Dr Felix Nobis & Prof Gary Watt’ Exchanges, 4(2), 189-200
  • Mar 2017: Review: Theatre & Law by Alan Read Alternative Law Journal, 42(1), 81-82
  • Jun 2014: ‘Can a literary approach to matters of legal concern offer a fairer hearing than that typically offered by the law?’ Law and Humanities, 8(1), 111-135
  • Mar 2014: ‘Claims to refugee status based on sexual orientation: the Australian and British approach’ Obiter Dicta, 21, 7
  • Aug 2013: ‘Legal regulation of women on the English Renaissance stage, 1558-1642’ Warwick Student Law Review, 3(1), 13-28

Conferences and presentations

  • Dec 2018: Digital (legal) performance and the kinesphere - Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference, University of Wollongong (Aus)
  • Nov 2018: Performing sexuality at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal - Queer Legacies, New Solidarities Conference, Deakin University (Aus)
  • Sep 2018: Singing the law: on musical legal perfomance - Critical Legal Conference, Open University (UK)
  • Jun 2018: Singing the law: the musicality of legal peformance - Annual Meeting on Law and Society, Toronto (Can)
  • May 2018: Hearing silence in legal performance - The Othered Senses Workshop: Law, Regulation, Sensorium, Concordia University (Can)
  • Mar 2018: What can verbatim (musical) theatre teach us about the law? - PhD in Progress Seminar Series, University of Warwick (UK)
  • Dec 2017: Liminal spaces in legal performance - Law, Literature and Humanities Association of Australasia Conference, University of Melbourne (Aus)
  • Dec 2017: (Legal) performance in the age of the videosphere - Melbourne Doctoral Forum on Legal Theory, University of Melbourne (Aus)
  • Sep 2017: The sound of silence in legal performance - Critical Legal Conference, University of Warwick (UK)
  • June 2017: Law as performance: walking through the Ofer military court - Law School Conference, University of Warwick (UK)
  • May 2017: Law as performance: questions of truth and authenticity - PhD in Progress Seminar Series, University of Warwick (UK)
  • Sep 2014: Storytelling in international criminal trials: a comparison of victim-witnesses’ experiences at the ICTY and Tokyo Women’s Tribunal - International Conference of Undergraduate Research, Monash University (Aus) - Winner: Outstanding Speaker Award
  • Apr 2014: What’s so funny about being gay: a phenomenological study of gay jokes - British Conference of Undergraduate Research, University of Nottingham (UK)
  • Jan 2014: The effectiveness of international criminal tribunals in dealing with victims’ experiences: a comparison of victim-witnesses’ experiences at the ICTY and Tokyo Women’s Tribunal - International Criminal Law Conference, University of Warwick (UK)
  • May 2013: Exploring extra-judicial narratives in contemporary Australian jurisprudence - International Conference of Undergraduate Research, Monash University (Aus)
  • Aug 2009: Vagrancy and sumptuary laws and their effects on women’s performance on the English Renaissance stage, 1558-1642 - Centre for Drama and Theatre Studies Seminar Series, Monash University (Aus) - Winner: Best Honours Seminar Paper Award

Sean Mulcahy

sean dot mulcahy at warwick dot ac dot uk


Prof. Gary Watt

Dr. Felix Nobis