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Teresa MacKinnon


My current work is showcased on the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning website and my own website. This e-portfolio is no longer maintained.

I completed a dissertation for the M.A. in Post Compulsory Education which explores student and practitioner experiences of voice tools in language learning and graduated in January 2010. I experienced the challenges and rewards of interaction in a virtual learning environment through participation in the Warwick elearning award. For my project I prepared an online support environment for our business clients. This has been well received and the polyglots area is used regularly by our business learners. One of the central technologies, provided by Wimba, offered real innovation and I have decided to focus upon the use of voice over the internet for this research.


With 25 years experience in language teaching and education management I find the opportunities available to language teachers through technologies invigorating and challenging. If we are to harness the possibilities of web2 we need to apply the principles of effective language teaching, connect with student needs and offer a sound pedagogy which embeds the technologies successfully. My experiences of developing business language training are documented in this article for the online journal Interactions.


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