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James Syrett

Welcome to my Warwick ePortfolio. I am a first year PhD student funded by the Horticultural Development Council (HDC) to improve agronomy in UK production of Narcissus. The project is entirely based around the methods and problems of current Narcissus production - for both the ornamental bulb and cut flower markets. For an overview of the project summaries, please click here.

The success of this project, and the subsequent benefit to the growers is dependent upon the strength of communication between me and the growers themselves. It is vital that I gain a thorough and realistic understanding of the industry in its current state, so my investigations can be tailored to addressing the problems it faces.

I welcome any and all communication from Narcissus growers, retailers and breeders, as well as representatives from other horticultural sectors, equipment manufacturers and researchers in horticulture, floriculture and precision agronomy. Please contact me at J dot R dot Syrett at warwick dot ac dot uk

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James Syrett

J dot R dot Syrett at warwick dot ac dot uk

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