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Talib Al Maqbali

Hi, welcome to my eporfolio.

I did my Master Degree in Warwick Medical School and I was working on a research project to evaluate the signifigance of papillary thyroid microcarcinoma, which is small thyroid cancer ≤10mm. Thyroid cancer has increased over the last few decades and alarming upward trend has been observed in different countries accross the globe. Some experts believe it is just becuase of increased diagnostic activity due to vigilant investigations and does not have effect on long term survival. On the other hand, there is group of experts who think there is real increase in the disease occurance due to unknown fatcor. While the debate and controversy continue, these small tumors contiue to increase and their management remain unclear.

In my reserach I discuss these issues in depth and try to reach to some conclusions.

Thyroid galnd. Adopted from

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Talib Al Maqbali

University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire

Institute of Head & Neck & Education stduies

ENT HNS Registrar

Birmingham Heartlands Hospital


Currently working in Sohar Hospital - Oman