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Environment-related events outside Warwick


  1. Environmental Discourses in the Renaissance I: Shifting Rhetorical and Aesthetic Perspectives (March 26, 8.30/10am)**
  2. Architecture, Economy, and Power in a Renaissance Landscape (Veneto, Fifteenth through Seventeenth Centuries) (March 26, 8.45/10.15am)
  3. Environmental Discourses in the Renaissance II: The Troubled Water: Knowing and Controlling the Sea (March 26, 10.15/11.45am)**
  4. Muddied, Swamped, Dammed: How Waste Flows in Early Modern Political Ecologies (March 26, 3/4.30pm)
  5. Bread and Water in Renaissance Italy (March 27, 1.15/2.45pm)
  6. The Theology of Climate Change: Sin as Agency in the Early Italian Enlightenment, IN Innovation in the Italian Counter-Reformation V: Science and Discovery (March 27, 4.45/6.15pm)
  7. Comparative Perspectives on Early Modern Street Life I and II (March 27, 8.30/11.45am)
  8. English Modes of Dwelling in North America IN Savage Constructions: Incivility and the New World (March 27, 8.30/10am)

 **organised by John Morgan (History, Warwick) and myself, with thanks to the Society for Renaissance Studies for sponsorship

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