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Matt Harwood


I work with the Corre Research Group combining a combinative approach of bioinformatics, molecular microbiology, synthetic biology and analytical chemistry to discover and produce novel natural products from different UK soil samples. My project aims to isolate and sequence a number of UK Actinobacteria and exploit them for their biosynthetic potential using Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) using a hybrid approach of short read sequencing from Illumina and long reads from Oxford Nanopore. The model genus Streptomyces (amongst other Actinobacteria) is known to produce microbial hormones that control natural product biosynthesis and morphological development based on environmental and lifecycle cues. These hormone signalling systems are massively diverse in the context of their genetic architecture and what they control and can be predicted and characterised phylogenetically and exploited synthetically. The exploitation of these systems will be complemented by the creation of a novel super host of engineered Streptomyces coelicolor strain M1152.

In addition to my academic research, I also have an interest in education and science policy and pedagogic research. I spent 3 months with the Royal Society of Biology in the Education Policy team working on education curriculum strategy, science timetabling and education development. I have also undertaken invigilator and ambassadorial duties for the School of Life Sciences for many years and am involved in undergraduate skills teaching and learning as a joint module convenor for Science 101.

I am a Member of the Royal Society of Biology (MRSB).


| 2018-22 | Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Life Sciences | University of Warwick | Current |

| 2017-18 | Master of Science by Research (MScR) in Biological Sciences | University of Warwick | Awarded |

| 2014-17 | Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Medical Microbiology & Virology | University of Warwick | First Class |


Member of the Royal Society of Biology (MRSB)

Member of the Biological Education Research Group (BERG)



Twitter: @MattPHarwood