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Matt Harwood


I work with the Corre Research Group using traditional microbial cultivation, bioinformatics, phylogenomics and metagenomics to screen both sequenced and non-sequenced isolates of Streptomyces and other Actinobacteria for MmfR-like and other TetR-family transcriptional regulators for unique biosynthetic gene cluster discovery. This work will hopefully lead to the exploitation of novel natural products, potentially leading to the production and testing of new antimicrobial compounds.

I have an interest in education and science policy and pedagogic research. I spent 3 months with the Royal Society of Biology in the Education Policy team working on education curriculum strategy, science timetabling and education development. I have also undertaken invigilator and ambassadorial duties for the School of Life Sciences for many years and am involved in undergraduate skills teaching and learning.

I am an Associate Member of the Royal Society of Biology (AMRSB) and am currently working towards the Registered Scientist (RSci) professional registrar award with the Science Council.


| 2018-2022 | Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Life Sciences | University of Warwick | Current |

| 2017-2018 | Master of Science by Research (MScR) in Biological Sciences | University of Warwick | Awarded |

| 2014-2017 | Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Medical Microbiology & Virology | University of Warwick | First Class |

| 2012-2014 | A Levels | Cirencester Sixth-form College | AAAA |


Associate Member of the Royal Society of Biology (AMRSB)

Member of the Biological Education Research Group (BERG)

Early Career Scientist Member of the Society for Applied Microbiology

Postgraduate Student Member of the Microbiology Society



Twitter: @MattPHarwood