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Wen Zhang

  • I started my PhD in WBS ORMS under the supervision of Professor Juergen Branke and Dr Wenjuan Zhang in Octorber, 2014
  • I hold a MSc in Engineering Management (with distinction) from the University of York and a BEng in Automation (with average over 85%) from the University of Jinan, China
  • My research interests mainly lie in multi-objective optimisation and decision making
Title of Thesis
Efficient Multi-Objective Ranking and Selection in the Presence of Uncertainty
In the real life, the problem of selection arises in many settings. For instance, we may want to choose the parameters of a chemical process(e.g., temperature, relative mix of certain inputs), or the design of a manufacturing process (choice of equipment, size of buffers, routing of jobs). The procedure of selection aims to efficiently identify the best of a finite set of alternatives, where best is defined as having the best expected performance, and the performance can only be estimated from stochastic samples. As the process of testing an alternative might either involve a time-consuming computer simulation or a physical experiment, to be efficient, we need to decide how many simulations need to be done for each alternative. How to do this efficiently is the question addressed in the area of Ranking and Selection, an area that has seen substantial interest in recent years. The state-of-the-art procedures allocate sampling budget sequentially, based on the observations made so far. At the same time, in practice, the criteria of selection are often multiple and conflicting. Therefore, the problem of ranking and selection in the context of multi-objective is more complex than that with a single objective. Some research has been done in this realm, but there is still a large area that can be explored. In my PhD, I aim to tackle the problem of multi-objective ranking and selection, developing new and more efficient techniques.

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Wen Zhang

Wen Zhang

Wen dot Zhang at warwick dot ac dot uk

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