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Lorenzo Genito


My research interests lie within the field of International Political Economy. My current PhD project explores the material as well as discursive impact of key bond market actors in the development of the Eurozone crisis, with a particular attention to political transitions in Italy during the crisis.

More broadly, my project contributes to Prof. Matthew Watson's ESRC project 'Re-Thinking the Market', which aims at deconstructing common accounts concerning the nature and the functioning of the markets' mechanisms. My project will thus attempt to answer the Q2 of the project, namely: Which meaning of ‘the market’ has come to dominate political discourse? To answer this question my thesis will explore the extent in which the spread discourse in Italy has fostered a specific understanding of what the bond markets are, and how they operate.

First supervisor: Prof. Matthew Watson | Second supervisor: Prof. Ben Clift.


i) Genito, Lorenzo 2016 Review of 'In Defence of Europe: Can the European Project Be Saved?' by Loukas Tsoukalis, Oxford University Press.

ii) Genito, Lorenzo 2016 'The UK’s EU Referendum and the victimisation of the European migrant' Lacuna Magazine.

iii) Genito, Lorenzo 2013 'Towards The European Banking Union: The Single Supervisory Mechanism' European Parliamentary Research Service.

iv) Genito, Lorenzo 2013 'Protecting Businesses Against Misleading Marketing Practice' European Parliamentary Research Service.

v) Genito, Lorenzo 2013 'Recycling As A Response To Rare Earth Elements’ Import Dependence' European Parliamentary Research Service.

Academic/Professional Awards

Nominated for the Warwick Teaching Excellence Award, 2016.


Seminar teacher for the module 'Foundations of Political Economy (PO133)' directed by Sahil Dutta.

Advice and Feedback Hours: room D1.18, Thursdays 1-2pm.

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Lorenzo Genito

L dot Genito at warwick dot ac dot uk