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Linking references to external webpages

Now you will see how to turn the titles of the books into links to external websites. It is really easy to create such a feature, once you have set up your bibliography as shown in the previous steps.

  1. Open a new internet browser window, and navigate to the page you would like a particular title to refer to. This would be something like
  2. Right click with your mouse in the address bar of your browser window, so that the web address of your book review is highlighted. Click 'Copy' from the menu.
  3. Locate the title you wish to link to this page - highlight it.
  4. Now, click on the 'Insert hyperlink' button A screenshot of the hyperlink button.
  5. Delete anything in the 'Href' textbox, then press 'Ctrl + v'.
  6. Click 'OK' - the title should now be blue.
  7. Repeat for each title you wish to link. You can follow the same process to add links to reviews of the books in your blog.

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