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Uploading your image

First, find the page you'd like to add an image to - the help guide Accessing the hidden pages in your ePortfolio will show you how to do this, if it is hidden.

Adding an image involves two steps - you need to upload the file, then insert it onto the page.

Uploading an image

Click on 'Edit' in the top right hand corner, to access the main edit screen.

A screenshot showing the 'Edit' button on the Utilities bar.

Now, go to the Upload & view files tab.

A screenshot showing the 'Upload & view files' tab.

Here you can choose to Upload a file:

A screenshot showing the link to click to upload a file.

Click on Browse..., find the file on your computer, then choose Open. Clicking Upload file will now upload the file to Sitebuilder.

A screenshot of the 'Upload files' dialog box, showing the 'Browse' button and the 'Upload file' button.

Now choose 'return to edit section' to complete the uploading process.

Next, how to insert the uploaded image