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Changing view permissions

You should now be looking at the Edit Permissions page.

From this page, you have the power to change who can view your e-portfolio; who can edit it; and who can administer it, for example, add or delete pages.

Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Permissions page with your mouse, and you will see a box called Add Permissions

This box allows you to give groups of users common access rights (i.e., view, edit, administer).

To make your e-portfolio world viewable, follow the following steps carefully-

  • Click the button next to 'Any user, whether logged in or not'
  • Make sure that the text next to 'Permission Type' is set to View. If it isn't, click your mouse on the text, and select 'View' from the list that appears.
  • Finally, you will see that in the same line as 'Permission type', there are two tick boxes. Click with your mouse on the box with Two ticks. This tells the computer to make ALL the pages of your e-portfolio world-viewable.

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