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Applying for a visa under the Student Route

Important information

To successfully apply for a visa under the Student Route (previously known as Tier 4 Student Visa), you must meet the application requirements:

  • You can claim all the points required for this route
  • You must also meet the English Language requirements
  • You must meet the Financial Evidence requirements
  • You must meet the ATAS requirement, if applicable to your course
  • You must not be subject to refusal under general grounds (for example, declared previous refusals/criminal records etc.)

You can find answers to most of the queries in relation to a Student Route visa application on these pages.

Please ensure you read all the guidance provided below before contacting us.

You cannot apply for or extend your student visa just to attend your graduation ceremony.

Please see the Graduation Portal for information on the Graduation Ceremony, as well as information regarding re-entering the UK and the visa requirements.

If you have received your CAS, the information contained in your CAS must be read in conjunction with the information below:

Application checking service

For eligible students who are making a visa application in the UK


How to obtain a ATAS statement/CAH3 code and How to apply for ATAS/ how long it takes

Immigration health surcharge

It is currently set at £470 per person per year for the length of your visa

Low risk nationalities

For those applying under the 'Differentiation Arrangements'

Money required

How to prepare funds for your student visa application

Tier 4 pilot scheme (this has now ended)

For students on a Postgraduate Master's degree which is less than 13 months long