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International Warwick International Summer School

Warwick International Summer School

Warwick International Summer School 2015

19 July - 8 August 2015

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England's Global Summer School


Learning at the Warwick International Summer School is of the same quality as if you were a full-time Warwick student, but concentrated into 21 days of innovation. That’s 21 days to sample the classic UK university experience....



We’ve refreshed everything about our International Summer School in 2015 (we are a university that doesn’t like to stand still)...



There are many excellent reasons to apply for the Warwick International Summer School, including the fact that Warwick is ranked 3rd in the world of top universities under 50...


Warwick is a globally connected university. Through collaborative partnerships we share resources and knowledge with academic communities throughout the world. One-third of our students are from overseas and we are the university of choice for over 45 international governments and sponsoring bodies. We have a truly cosmopolitan campus where every student is considered 'international'; this means that through inter-cultural learning and experiences we equip our graduates to become successful citizens on a global stage.

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