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Warwick Volunteers Certificate

Complete 15 or more hours of volunteering with Warwick Volunteers and you can receive our certificate.

Only hours accrued this academic year will count. This includes time spent travelling to your activity, planning lessons/activities, creating resources, attending training courses and volunteer meetings for the project you have volunteered on. The volunteering activity should make up a minimum 75% of the total hours.

The certificate will list the number of hours you have completed and the projects you have taken part in.

To receive a certificate you will need to:

1. Fill in your volunteering hours  Download the Volunteering Log
2. We will check the hours you submit with the Project Leader or the key contact for your volunteering activity.
3. Email your completed form to us each term by the deadlines below at:
Hours logs should be submitted by the end of each term. The deadlines for 2020-21 submissions are:
Term 1: Friday 11 December 2020
Term 2: Friday 19 March 2020
Term 3: Friday 21 May 2021

HEAR ( Higher Education Achievement Report)

If you are an Undergraduate you will have your receipt of a Warwick Volunteers certificate recorded on your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report). The HEAR is a document which will appear with your degree transcript, highlighting extra- curricular activity you have taken part in whilst at University.