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Warwick Award

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Develop and showcase your employability skills

Join the Warwick Award pilot this summer

It’s never too early to start thinking about what you might do after graduation, and what skills you need to do it. The brand-new Warwick Award can help you do just that – and you can be one of its very first students!

The Award is free for all undergraduate, taught postgraduate, exchange, and degree apprenticeship students, and will recognise and showcase the employability skills you’re building from everything you do here at Warwick.

Not only will the Award allow you to develop your own skills, it will also be a great way to find out about hundreds of events and opportunities taking place across the University. You’ll be able to reconnect with campus, meet new people and make new connections, and improve your own employability.

From your academic modules, through to involvement with societies, sports teams, volunteering, internships, placements, or even part-time work and more – they can all help you progress towards earning the Warwick Award.

During the 2022 summer term, we’ll be running a pilot of the Award, and you can be part of it!

Click the button below to register right away or explore the rest of our pages for more information.

Sign up for the Warwick Award Pilot
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Join the Warwick Award’s pilot to start finding opportunities and earning Core Skills Points.

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Please email with any questions and we will get back to you.

Useful Links


Explore the list of Warwick Award-accredited activities running during our Summer 2022 pilot. Once you’ve registered for the Award, use this page to join opportunities, develop your sills, and earn Core Skills Points!


Find out more information about the Award, how it works, and see a range of FAQs.


Discover the 12 core employability skills we think are vital for every Warwick graduate to develop – understand why they’re important and how you might already be developing them.


Access a range of materials to help you talk about the Warwick Award with your students, as well as a selection of FAQs (requires a staff login).


Understand more about your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), how to use it, and how it relates to the Warwick Award.