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Attention Message

The Global Connnections Community is an informal community based on Microsoft Teams where all Warwick students can come together to mix with students from different backgrounds and take part in simple activities, games, or conversations. Volunteers help students to engage in conversations and connect with each other and help to raise awareness of the Community.



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Volunteering Opportunities
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There are various volunteering roles available:

Community Curators:  

  • Welcoming newcomers to the community and tagging in Welcome messages 
  • Responding to student introductions, connecting students with similar interests/ channels which could be of interest to them 
  • Creating a new post for each channel at least once a week
  • Time commitment is flexible and could be as little as 15 mins a week!  


  • Helping to spread the word about GCC and encouraging more student to get involved.
  • Using social media and your own networks to help raise awareness and publicise events
  • Creating and sharing testimonials - why join; what's good about it etc.  
  • Encouraging those in the community to interact and liaise with each other (helping them to gain confidence/ form connections with each other/ encouragement to organise their own events) 
  • No fixed time commitment

Live Event Hosts:  

  • Hosting Teams events on either a one-off or regular basis
  • Sharing your passion with others e.g. dance; knitting; board games; fitness workouts; poetry/ creative writing; musical jam; silent disco; virtual pub - whatever your interest is!! Ideally anything which can help people to connect with others. 

Easter Events Project 

  • Helping to organise a series of events during the Easter period (2 - 11 April) when less staff will be available in order to help combat loneliness 

Networking Project

  • Helping small groups within the community to connect with other small groups of students, encouraging them to chat in their own time. This would involve different people every few weeks.

Project Leaders/Coordinators

  • Project Coordinators would have more of a leadership role, helping to ensure that that events and activities run smoothly. This might include creating rotas, liaising with interested students to help encourage event organisers to avoid clashes etc.  
  • Meeting with staff and other project coordinators and liaising with the other volunteers 


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All Global Connections Community activities are currently held online via MS Teams

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Time Commitment
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Volunteering is flexible depending on the role and activities you want to be involved in. When you sign up you can choose how much time you would be willing to commit.

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No previous experience is required. Enthusiasm and a desire to connect students together is all we need.

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How to get involved
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If you would like to be involved please complete the volunteer form and choose which roles you are interested in.

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Why get involved?
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Many students have shared how isolated they have felt during the pandemic and this role is an excellent opportunity to help students from different courses, backgrounds and locations to be able to make new friends, connect with other students they might not normally meet and feel less disconnected.

As a volunteer you would play a valuable role in helping to raise awareness of the GCC and to help students to engage in conversations and connect with each other. Volunteering is also a great way to gain new skills and experience, to meet new people and have fun! Find out more