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Sustainable Christmas

Power light pic

This Christmas Warwick could waste enough energy to power 160 homes for a year. Unless you do something about it.

Before you leave your office and head home to have a nice break, please take a little moment to think about how you could not waste so much. Turn things off at the plug if no one will use them for days. Turn down the thermostat if there’s nobody around to keep warm. And, of course, switch off all the lights as you leave.

For more about Environmental Sustainability at Warwick, see:

Take Sustainability home

Once you’re away from your desk and enjoying your Christmas break, here are a few tips to help you waste less:

  • Turn your heating down by 1 degree and put on your Christmas jumper.
  • Get LED decorations – they’re 90% more efficient than the standard.
  • Use old newspaper to wrap your presents. We use enough rolls of classic wrapping paper to stretch up to the moon every year.
  • Save your leftovers – current estimates suggest about 80% of Christmas food ends up in the bin. More food waste reduction tips.
  • Make sure you get your recycling organised, and check local council information on recycling over Christmas.
Pic of the Arts Centre Christmas Tree