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What we're doing

What we're doing

Sustainability at Warwick

The Way to Sustainable Strategy

Warwick is on a journey to becoming more sustainable. We are determined that our research, our curriculum and how we operate make a positive impact in the world. Our sustainability strategy – Way To Sustainable – sets out the path that we are all on together.

Case Studies


Explore our ground-breaking sustainability research across the social sciences, arts, humanities, as well as science, engineering, and medicine. 


Find out how our courses and curriculum empowers students to lead climate change initiatives, fostering their personal development and their ability to impact on others. 


See how we collaborate with local, regional, national, and international partners, as well as communities to actively contribute to global sustainability efforts.


Find out how we're enhancing our operations to become a more sustainable University over time. Drawing upon insights, we share what we learn to positively change the world outside our campus.

Performance and Reporting

View Warwick's sustainability performance data for carbon, waste, travel and water consumption, and find out what sustainability awards we have obtained.

Policies and Plans

The University of Warwick has multiple policies and plans in place that cover a range of sustainability topics, including investment, food and waste.