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How have you been keeping Green during Covid-19?

We’d love to know how you have been helping the environment over the last few months.

During the pandemic many of us have had to adapt to new lifestyles and were forced to make some changes in how we do things. But have you noticed that many of these changes have made a significant impact on the environment?

The big question is, although there has been positive impact on sustainability with a drop in emissions during this time, are we still able to maintain this long term?

By working and/or studying from home, we have saved:
  • 2,200 tCO2 each month along with time and financial savings on fuel, parking or public transport for staff or students commuting to campus every day.
  • 350 tCO2 and £40,000 each month for no business travel (based on £45 for 1,777 bookings in March and April 2020)

  • 110 tCO2 and £34,000 each month for no printing or office stationery in use.
  • 500 tCO2 and £250,000 each month saving for 30% power reduction consumption.

But if you have been going the extra mile to remain sustainable, we would love to hear about it!

You may have decided to do more exercise, by walking or cycling instead of driving to meet friends and family, deciding that you might work from home in the future, wasting less food and resources and only buying what you need, making more effort to recycle, being aware of plastic usage in your household or you may have even organised an event to promote and raise awareness about climate emergency and more.

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