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Warwick's Culture

Warwick's Culture

Our new Cultural Strategy - Warwick's Culture- aims to inspire our engagement with local and regional communities and their aspirations, building on our active connections with key civic and regional cultural partners.

Warwick’s Culture embraces a broad and inclusive view of what culture is and means to Warwick and how a strategic approach will add cultural value and distinctiveness to the experience of living in, studying, working and visiting our campus

Coventry Culture Works

Warwick's Culturewas launched as part of an event on 15 June 2023 to celebrate our ongoing partnership with Coventry City Council and Coventry University and announce a new initiative between the three partners, called Coventry Culture Works, which will support the city’s cultural and creative economy and invest in a new Head of Culture and Creative Economy at Coventry City Council.

Read our joint announcements:

Place-based Research and Culture Funding Call 2023

Launched in August 2023 the call aimed to support Warwick researchers to work with cultural organisations, creatives, public and third sector organisations to co-create and deliver research and impact projects that address regional, local and community challenges.

A high-number of high-quality applications were received.

Five exciting and innovative projects, working with over 25 local artists, creative organisations, community groups, schools, public sector organisations and charities, have been awarded a combined total of over £110,000.

All five funded projects will contribute to Warwick’s new cultural strategy which aims to 'inspire', 'connect' and 'enable'.

A key outcome is for "...research collaborations with local cultural sector, organisations and communities (that) strengthen the University’s ties with place and its reputation as a centre of excellence for place based research."

Find out more about these projects .