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Our Education Strategy provides a framework and a road map for the enhancement of Warwick education for over the next five years. We will provide our students with an internationally outstanding teaching and learning experience across the entire lifecycle from applicant, to student, to alumni, supported by an institutional culture and systems, making for continuous enhancement of quality.

Professor Lorenzo Frigerio, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Anna Taylor, President of the Students' Union (2023/24)

About the Education Strategy

Our Education Strategy has been developed in consultation with staff and students across the University to ensure an excellent educational experience for our students, and to consolidate and enhance our existing strengths in teaching and learning.

The goals of the Education Strategy cover a spectrum of activity related to teaching and learning and the student experience. The achievement of these goals will be a real collective effort, with staff, students, teams and departments from across the University working in partnership.

These web pages contain full details of the goals of the Education Strategy and the ways in which will be working to achieve them. But, for ease of reference, an overview of the Education Strategy is provided below.


Education Strategy: Overview

People and Values

Our Education Strategy demonstrates the University's values and its commitment to the people - staff and students - who create in partnership the excellence of a Warwick Education. It aims to:

• Provide students with the enhanced opportunities to develop the attributes of a Warwick graduate
• Review processes to recruit, develop and reward talented staff committed to continuous enhancement of teaching and learning and parity of esteem for teaching and research
• Ensure that staff and students are working in partnership to improve the quality of the education experience for all students
• Secure the University’s reputation for excellent, transformational and distinctive education.

Strategic Directions

A Warwick education will be characterised by excellence and distinctiveness in four thematic areas:

Disciplinary Excellence: Develop strong disciplinary identities with internationally excellent training
Interdisciplinarity: Enhance opportunities for interdisciplinary education, strengthening existing provision and addressing challenges to interdisciplinary provision
Internationalisation: Enhance the quality of the international mobility and intercultural learning that the University’s students benefit from
Student Research: Ensure that students are engaged with research and benefit from being part of a community of leading scholars focused on research-led teaching


To achieve our goals, we will undertake a programme of change across a range of underpinning systems, processes and in our teaching and learning infrastructure:

Academic Systems: Implementation of revisions to governance structures, student information systems and timetabling
Student Experience: Development of academic processes, student communications, welfare and learning spaces to support students’ learning and education experience
Quality Assurance: Take forward recommendations arising from the Institutional Teaching and Learning Review, and revise quality assurance systems and frameworks to support strategic objectives and meet external requirements
TEF Strategy: Through measures to improve students’ educational experience and targeted support, improve our TEF metrics
Employability and Skills: Increase the proportion of students able to progress into employment through skills development and work experience, aligned to their academic experience
Widening Participation: Take an evidence-based approach to full life cycle support for students through a new Widening Participation Strategy
Alternative Pathways: Enhance alternative pathways for students to enter Warwick, including Degree Apprenticeships