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The below Internationalisation of Education Strategy was approved by Senate in January 2022, covering the period from 2022 – 2025.

Strategic Priorities

We will …

  1. Promote a critical, challenge- and values-based approach to internationalisation pedagogy and practice.
  2. Ensure that Warwick continues to attract a diverse and high calibre international student body at all levels of study.
  3. Embed internationalisation initiatives within academic curricula, enabling all students to experience high quality internationalised and intercultural learning opportunities that broaden global perspectives and outlook.
  4. Support the induction, support, integration and attainment of our international students, enabling them to reach their full academic potential.
  5. Develop initiatives with our strategic international partners to contribute to the distinctive character of a Warwick Education.
  6. Enhance opportunities for physical and virtual mobility for our students, contributing to their skills development and employability.
  7. Enhance the experience of Warwick’s diverse student body, ensuring our inclusive community values the experience and contribution of international students and staff.
  8. Systematically address barriers inhibiting the internationalisation of the student experience for all students.