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Our 2018 strategic goals still stand; by 2030, to be an exceptional University that benefits society; our research will focus on making life better and safer for everyone, while our education will be globally focused and research driven.

We now have five key priorities:

Foster a culture of innovation.

Facilitate a more inclusive environment for staff and students.

Commit to a shared regional leadership, to enhance our local area.

Grow our global networks, engagement and influence.

Focus on sustainability in research, education, and our campus operations.

Our purpose

Our aim goes beyond just being excellent; we want to make a positive impact. Developed with input from over 500 staff and students, our collective purpose is pointing the way ahead so, together we can make a better world. We are committed to the idea that each individual possesses the capacity to improve the world for everyone. How do we do this? By sticking to our values of pushing boundaries, thinking freely, thriving on difference, creating connections and sharing opportunities.

Achieving our goals

To achieve our ambitious goals, we've outlined key commitments in our strategic areas:


  • Strive to be amongst the UK's very top universities for education, with a research-led, international outlook, where staff and students co-create the educational experience.

  • Increase financial support to £100 million for student scholarships, bursaries, and fee waivers.
  • Continue to offer inclusive education, while growing our cohort to 34,000 students.


  • Complete the first phase of our "STEM Connect Programme", with nearly half a billion pound investment in our science facilities.
  • Deliver our "Social Sciences Connect Programme", focusing on interdisciplinary and policy-based research.
  • Rank in the Russell Group's top ten for research excellence by 2028.


  • Enhance our role as a regional innovation engine by creating a local "innovation corridor".


  • Strengthen our partnerships across Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia.
  • Enrich the international opportunities inherent in our educational offering.
  • Develop more support for our researchers to collaborate across global networks.
  • Further enhance the international diversity of our student body and champion the thriving global community on our campus.
  • Grow our global influence and reputation.


  • Play a still greater leadership role in the economic, social and cultural growth of our region, making it a better place for those who study, live and work here, and more sustainable for future generations.


  • Achieve net-zero carbon emissions (scope 1 and 2) by 2030 and establish Warwick as an Eco Campus.


  • Create a culture of belonging and inclusion, where students and staff can reach their potential because they can be who they are.

Our people

  • Employ the best people, simplifying their working lives, so they can perform at their best.


  • Launch a campaign to raise and deliver at least £100 million.

The Big 60

  • Celebrate our 60th anniversary in 2025 as a catalyst to realise our 2030 ambitions.

Brand Evolution

  • Evolve our brand identity and story to reflect that of a world class university, building pride amongst our staff, students and wider Warwick community.

Each of these commitments helps us move towards a future where we set the standard in education, research, and community impact.