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Voices of the University

Voices of the UniversityTo celebrate our 50th Anniversary, the Institute of Advanced Study presents an oral history project entitled, ‘Voices of the University’, a collection of over 200 interviews with current and former staff, students and local residents, revealing our rich history.

The project has unearthed a wealth of knowledge about our University, the development of Higher Education and research in the UK, the history of student life and the social and cultural history of Britain after 1945.

Our series of podcasts draws together the most interesting themes and features clips taken directly from the interviews. We'll also feature a blog post for each month to complement the podcasts, highlighting more themes and continuing the story.

Click here to listen to the full interviews featured in the podcasts at the Modern Records Centre and Warwick Digital Collections. You can browse the page by searching for a particular participant in the search bar, or scrolling through the alphabetical list.





Opening in 1965

In the first episode of our series, IAS Research Fellow Grace Huxford explores the opening of the university in 1965.

Let's start at the beginning

Continuing the story of Warwick's opening in 1965, here are some more of our favourite recollections from students who were some of the first to start their studies at the University. What made Warwick so exciting?


University Development

Grace Huxford introduces extracts from the collection regarding university and campus development since 1965.

Campus Development

February's podcast shows that campus is an integral part of the our "Warwick experience", but which buildings have been here the longest? In our second blog we give a rundown of the first 10 buildings to spring up on campus.


Campus Life

What has campus life been like for our students over the past 50 years?

Campus love

Campus life has been an integral part of the student experiece as March's podcast shows. But what of campus love? Nine interviewees who found their significant others on campus share their stories.


The Students' Union

Grace Huxford introduces extracts from the collection on the University of Warwick Students’ Union.

Warwick's SU

Our first students lobbied for a Students' Union to house their administrative and social activities. Ten Warwick alumni and students describe their relationship with the building and its place as a student hub over the past five decades.


Student Activities

Discover the world of Warwick student activities, societies and politics.

Student Politics

Warwick’s Students’ Union has been politically active both on a national scale and in the organisation of its activities and physical presence on campus. Eight interviewees describe their political activities as students.


VIPs at Warwick

Discover Warwick's royal and political guests.

VIPs at Warwick - Families on Campus

Students have also had their own VIPs to welcome to campus over the last five decades - parents and families.


Research at Warwick

How has research shaped our University?

Student Research at Warwick

Postgraduates and undergraduate students have been researching varied subjects across all faculties since 1965. Here are some of them.


The Arts Centre

What's the history of Warwick's beloved and pioneering Arts Centre?

Student and staff arts

Discover the history of student and staff music, performance and art, through the decades.


Teaching and Learning at Warwick

How have generations of Warwick students experienced teaching and learning?

'Alternative' learning at Warwick

Over the years, many students have benefited from part-time, later-life, Open Studies or spare-time learning at Warwick. Discover their stories here.


Arriving at Warwick

Our participants share their first impressions of the university when they arrived.

"My favourite place on campus"

Many ‘Voices of the University’ participants were asked to share their favourite place on campus. Here are our top 10 answers.


Behind the Scenes

November's extracts highlight the work of staff who perform vital and sometimes ‘unseen’ work at Warwick.

Off-campus experiences

Discover the off-campus experiences that have enriched the lives of both students and staff during Warwick’s 50 year history.


Warwick in 2015

What will the future hold for the Warwick?

The best of the collection

An introduction to seven interviews from the collection from individuals who have some of the best life-stories to tell.

New podcasts

David and Reg Clayton

Reg and David Clayton, who farmed Tocil Farm before it was sold to become the site of our university, recall what life was like before and after the building works began. Hear tales of uprooting trees with dynamite, haunted buildings, farm work and the growth of our campus.