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Warwick memories


Gopal Bhansali (LLM International Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation, 2007-08)

"People buy and exchange rings on engagement, my fiancée (now my wife) made me this painting. It brings back countless memories of my time at Warwick; I thank Anubha, my wife, for her conscientious attempt to immortalise it on a canvas! I love that she chose this particular view, which is a favourite spot for many of us.

"At times I wonder what made the Warwick experience so amazingly beautiful, but no matter how comprehensive I try to be in collating my thoughts, a certain part, perhaps the most significant part, always remains ineffable. I'll never be able to go back in time, but every time I look at this painting, it reminds me of the countless delightful moments that I shared with so many on the campus. Thank you, Warwick, for giving me the time of my life, and thanks Anubha for creating a part of it on canvas. For everyone else who wonders why people seem to be so in love with Warwick - well, you have to be there to believe it!"

Art at Warwick

"As a science student at Warwick, I didn't pay much attention to the Art Collection and took for granted the majority of works that I passed day after day. As I now work in space management at the University I've gradually realised that part of what makes the campus special to me is that art can be found almost everywhere. It prompts so many discussions; not everyone likes everything and there's always something new to discover. It's lovely to be able to bring my children to explore the sculpture trail and their questions have made me look differently. My favourite remains Op Mobile No. 10 in the Arts Centre, I always thought it represented DNA until I looked it up recently!"

- Emma Melia