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What We're Looking For

We're looking for reliable and friendly individuals who are comfortable communicating with the campus and local communities. Our volunteers are vital to the success of the Festival of the Imagination, so you'll have plenty of responsibility over the course of your shift. Take a look at the types of roles we're recruiting for.

Roles Available
Festival Marshals
Venue Marshals
Information Service

Festival Marshals

The role of the Festival Marshal is a varied one. You’ll be greeting visitors at the car park, chatting to them on Senate House Lawn and ensuring they have a pleasant time at the Festival of the Imagination. You’ll have a knowledge of the University and the Festival programme which you’ll be able to pass on to our guests in a friendly manner. During the Festival, you’ll meet a variety of people in a relaxed atmosphere whilst representing your University.

Your responsibilities:

  • Greeting visitors at the car park to ensure their first moments of the Festival of the Imagination are positive.
  • Pointing visitors towards Festival venues.
  • Answering questions about the Festival and campus locations.
  • Ensuring the Festival space is well presented and tidy.
  • Acting as a first point of contact for visitors’ enquiries.
  • Keeping an eye out for issues arising and reporting these back to a team leader.
Venue Marshals

As a Venue Marshal you’ll be overseeing the running of a Festival venue to ensure that the programme runs smoothly for visitors and participants. You’ll be answering questions and stewarding visitors as well as waiting on hand to assist Festival participants. In addition to making sure that visitors are informed about the activities taking place in your venue, it will be your job to stay on the lookout for any potential issues and report them back to a Team Leader.

Venues where you'll be needed include:

  • Discovery Zone
  • Telegraph Zone
  • Humanities Studio
  • Performance Tent
  • PG Hub
  • Warwick Arts Centre Bookshop

Your responsibilities:

  • Welcoming visitors to the Festival of the Imagination.
  • Communicating with visitors and participants.
  • Answering questions about the Festival and Warwick campus.
  • Ensuring events within your venue run smoothly.
  • Reporting any potential problems to a Team Leader.
Information Service

The Information Desk will be visitors’ first stop for programme information, directions and an overview of the Festival of the Imagination Service. Our Information Service will be on hand to address visitors’ queries and point them in the right direction. As a member of the Information Service you’ll be welcoming visitors to campus and ensuring their experience of the Festival of the Imagination is positive.

Your responsibilities:

  • Welcoming visitors to the Festival of the Imagination.
  • Answering visitors’ questions about the Festival and Warwick campus.
  • Ensuring that visitors are well informed about the Festival programme.
  • Offering information on performance times and venue locations.
  • Escorting lost children to the Warwick Arts Centre Box Office and reporting this to a Team Leader.
  • Manning the Information Desk and ensure that it is well stocked with materials.
  • Reporting any potential issues to a Team Leader.