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What if I need to leave my bedroom?

What if I have to leave my study bedroom or household?

There are very, very few reasons that require you to leave your room.

The following are valid reasons for leaving your study bedroom (or household if you’re off campus):


If you hear the fire alarm sounding, you should still leave the building in a swift and safe manner. If you are in an on-campus residence, you should make your way to the fire assembly point and tell a member of security you are self-isolating.


You can leave to receive a delivery for food or supplies from your block entrance or front door only.

Covid-19 testing on campus

If you are on campus, you can leave your room to access our Test and Trace service

If you are living off campus and cannot attend a test centre you should request a home testing kit via the NHS.

Accessing your bathroom and kitchen

See how to share to your accommodation facilities safely.

Sharing a bathroom or kitchen

Face coverings and social distancing

Where possible you should wear a face covering (and we advise that you have one to hand at all times in case it is needed in an emergency).

On campus, when moving through the residential building we ask that you maintain 2 metres distance from others and do not loiter to talk in corridors or stairwells.

See other self-isolation FAQS