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Support whilst you self-isolate

Support whilst you self-isolate

Below you’ll find specific guidance about how we can support you whether you’re living on or off campus. Wherever you’re based, if you need to self isolate, we can signpost you to ways to get food and other essentials delivered to you. It’s really important that you stick to the self-isolation rules if we are to contain the spread of the virus.

There are a wide variety of options available to you to order food for delivery during the self-isolation period. If you need to arrange a bank account for online grocery ordering, see our banking pages for international students.


If you are self-isolating off campus you will need to order food from a supermarket or shop online. There are many supermarkets in Coventry, Kenilworth and Leamington Spa who offer online shopping services. The following are just some of the supermarkets that operate in the local area:

Tesco Click+Collect from Cannon Park - advice if you are self-isolating on campus

If you are unable to secure a home delivery slot from local supermarkets then you may like to consider the Click+Collect service from the nearby Tesco at Cannon Park. The University Delivery Service will then collect the order on your behalf.

You need to remember that the University can only collect your shopping between 10am and 4pm. If you select a slot outside of these times, we will not be able to collect the order. You need to tell us your order details at least 24 hours before your order slot. If you fail to do this, we may not be able to collect your shopping and Tesco are likely to cancel the order. If you want the University's Delivery Service to pick up a Click+Collect order, please complete the Tesco Cannon Park Click+Collect form.

Rootes Grocery Store - advice if you are self-isolating on campus

If you are unable to order a delivery from a local supermarket and were not able to book a Tesco Click+Collect slot, you could try ordering from the campus supermarket Rootes. They have a reduced product range but are able to offer a selection of international foods and kitchen supplies. If you want more information about the items available and wish to place an order, please complete the Rootes Grocery Store order form.

The University has put arrangements in place for online ordering and delivery of groceries to your bedroom door, which will then be charged to your University account. You will be contacted by the Residential Life Team via your Warwick email address if you are eligible for this service. Read more about self-isolation if you're living in halls of residence. 

Advice for ordering online

  • Home delivery slots can book up quickly so you may wish to consider opening an account with a supermarket and booking a delivery slot. Please note you are likely to need to get a UK phone number to do this.
  • Most supermarkets allow you to book deliveries up to two weeks in advance
  • Home delivery orders usually have a minimum spend per order (e.g. £40).This will be different for each supermarket 
  • Home delivery orders also have a delivery fee. This can be higher at more popular delivery times.
  • Most supermarkets allow you to edit your shopping order up to 24 hours before it is due to be delivered. There is no fee associated with this.
  • When making your order you will usually be asked if you are willing to accept substitute products. If you say “yes” then if your selected product is not available, a close substitute will be delivered instead
  • Some supermarkets offer boxes of “food essentials”  
  • Many other essential items (such as pots and pans, bedding etc) will also be available to purchase online from these stores.
  • If you wish to use Union Pay, please be aware that many retailers do not accept this as a means of payment in the UK, including several large supermarkets.

World foods

A number of student societies are offering advice and guidance as well as help with shopping. Feel free to contact any of the following:

Some of these societies have also provided their advice and recommendations about groceries and cooked food on their respective websites.

There is a huge range of possibilities for you to order cooked food / takeaways for delivery to your address. Popular websites and apps with many options include: 

The University does not have a list of recommend restaurants but would advise you to consider the hygiene rating of the restaurant you choose (note that only some of the restaurants shown offer delivery).  

If you would like help or advice with your shopping please contact one of these groups directly.

Student Societies

A number of student societies are offering help as well as advice and guidance. You do not need to be a member of these societies to ask for their help. Please see the 'Advice for ordering online' section above for detials.

NHS Responders

You may be eligible to receive support from  NHS Responders. This includes help from volunteers with collecting shopping, medication and other essential supplies. You can request help from them by calling +44 808 196 3646.

You will be asked for a few details including your name, contact details, address and doctors’ details* in the UK (in most cases this should be The University of Warwick Health Centre, University of Warwick, Health Centre Road, Coventry, CV4 7AL). You will then be asked what help you need. These details will then be passed onto a volunteer who will be in touch with you as soon as possible (normally within 72 hours).

*If you are an international student and have not yet registered with a GP in the UK, you should register as soon as possible. You can register online with the University Medical Centre if you are within their catchment area. For further information about healthcare in the UK please see the relevant links on our useful information page for new international students.

Local Community groups

There are a wide range of other community support groups, local organisations and agencies in CoventryCoventry and Warwickshire who may be able to provide support during your self-isolation. 

One of these groups, Good Neighbours, have a list that they regularly update of different sources of help for food and delivery in Coventry. 

Whilst you are in self-isolation there may be an urgent need to get some of your clothes or other items washed. The University will provide an emergency laundry service for you from your second week of isolation. This service is limited to the items you need washing urgently and you will be provided with a single bag per week so you need to carefully choose what you want to be washed.

Please be advised that due to Covid-19 guidelines items will be washed on a hot wash (60 degrees) and tumble dried.

If you have very sensitive skin or are allergic to standard types of laundry detergents then the University's laundry service will not be suitable for you as the University is not able to make specific wash requests for individuals who may have sensitivities or allergies to standard washing detergents.

Whilst every care will be taken the University is not responsible for the fastness of colour, fading, shrinkage, reshaping, loss or damage of buttons and zips. The University will do its best and exercise the utmost care in cleaning any clothing items entrusted to us. However, the University will not be liable for damage or loss as a result of using this service.

Laundry will be collected between 9am-12pm Monday to Friday. There is no service at weekends so if your washing is collected on a Friday it will not be returned until Monday afternoon at the earliest.

If you require our laundry service, we ask that you:

  • Do not overload the laundry bag, as they are only thin and designed to dissolve in the washer. Staff are not allowed to handle the laundry directly.
  • Make sure the laundry bag is tied at the top
  • Place the filled laundry bag into the second clear plastic bag you have been supplied, as this helps us with transportation and stops the laundry bags from splitting
  • Any laundry which does not meet the guidelines may have to be rejected and not collected
More detailed information is included on the laundry service request form.

If you want to order pharmacy, health and beauty products that are not available for delivery via supermarkets, you may wish to use:

Prescriptions and medicines

If you need to order medicine you may be able to do so from local supermarkets or online pharmacies. This is known as over the counter medication. Other medications can only be obtained with a prescription issued by a doctor.

To speak to a doctor you need to be registered at a GP's practice. We have a Health Centre on campus where you will need to register if you are a new student. If a GP decides that you need medication they will issue you with a prescription. Most prescriptions are now signed, sent and processed electronically. You have two choices for how this works:

  • You can choose a local pharmacy for your prescriptions to go to electronically
  • You can decide each time where you would like your prescription to be dispensed. For this to work you need a paper copy which you collect in person.

If you are on campus, we recommend you access support from two local pharmacies:

  • Michael W Phillips Chemists - based on campus in the Students' Union Building but have limited opening hours. Michael W Phillips Chemists do not offer delivery, but they do allow your friends not in self-isolation to collect on your behalf
  • Boots Cannon Park - this is near to the Tesco supermarket

It is important when ordering from Boots that you use your campus postcode - CV4 7ES if on campus. Please note Boots offer a delivery service at an additional cost.

If you do experience difficulties picking up your prescriptions and medicines, please let your residential tutor know.

As a student at university you will need to pay for your own prescription medication if you are 19 years old or over. More information can be found on the NHS website if you are entitled to free prescriptions.

Other essentials

If you cannot order essential items from the online supermarkets you may also wish to consider: 

UniKitOut - this website provides a wide range of different starter packs of essential items for the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The University has negotiated a 10% discount for students if you use the code WARWICK10 before completing your order. These packs can be delivered to your University residence or to any other address that you enter. You may be asked to enter your University ID number.

Wilko - they also offer home delivery. 

University support whilst you self-isolate

Wellbeing Support Services

Our Wellbeing Support Services continue to offer support online or in person (at a safe distance).

  • Online masterclasses, such as Looking After Your Wellbeing During the Coronavirus Outbreak
  • Self-help resources
  • Email therapy
  • Telephone consultations and video therapy
  • Online specialist skills sessions

Read our Wellbeing Services Coronavirus updates for more information, tips and advice.

Residential Life Team

If you’re living in halls, your residential tutor is never far away and is a good first point of contact if you’re feeling unsure or anxious. If you cannot speak to them, please contact our residential life team on 024 7652 4704 or email

Warwick SU

Visit the SU's Advice Centre or Are You Ok? webpages for support, advice and guidance.

In an emergency

If there is a life-threatening emergency:

  • Call our friendly, supportive campus security team on 22222 if you are on campus
  • Call 999 if you are off campus
  • If you are unsure or you need urgent medical advice, call NHS 111

See when to seek medical advice if your Covid-19 symptoms get worse.

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